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Stephane Rolland FW2015

Aug 04, 15 Stephane Rolland FW2015

Every year Stephane Rolland surprises guests and the press with a peculiar manner of presenting his collection. We attended to grand defiles, breathlessly watched the performance of violinists and dancers, admired a short film. Presentation of the new fall-winter 2015-2016 collection in typical French apartments on the avenue George...

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Stephane Rolland SS2015

Feb 06, 15 Stephane Rolland SS2015

A beautiful feminine silhouette inspires the brave ones on feats and comes to artists and poets as a muse. At the haute couture fashion week every single detail helps this silhouette to conquer the whole world with its beauty. Stephane Rolland is a famous French designer, who does not make extravagant experiments with the beauty of...

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Stephane Rolland FW2014

Jul 10, 14 Stephane Rolland FW2014

At the Fall-Winter 2014/2015 Haute Couture fashion week Stephane Rolland broke the familiar format of a fashion show and presented a short film «L` echappée». He presented his collection – a work of art – with the help of cinema. Definitely a great work of director Diane Sagnler, which managed to understand and implement...

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Stéphane Rolland FW2013

Sep 17, 13 Stéphane Rolland FW2013

The new fall-winter collection show of Parisian couturier Stephane Rolland, which took place at the prestigious Tennis Club in the sixteenth arrondissement, recalled more a theatrical production, rather than a defile. It was accompanied by a performance of the famous Spanish choreographer Rafael Amargo, who ignited the podium with...

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Stephane Rolland SS2013

Jan 28, 13 Stephane Rolland SS2013

At the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week designers show their talent. A talent to create a state-of-art composition of color and textures from a variety of materials. Everybody judge the result and not the countless hours of work. Some people it amazes, it enters others into a state of shock, and for the few it resonates with the...

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Stephane Rolland SS2012

Jan 31, 12 Stephane Rolland SS2012

I noticed that I always start articles about Stephane Rolland with words of admiration or talk about beauty. And all this is true about every collection of the designer. So during the Spring-Summer 2012 presentation I was already difficult to surprise with floor-length dresses of muslin and silk, sparkling details in rays of...

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Stéphane Rolland FW2011

Jul 18, 11 Stéphane Rolland FW2011

Can beauty speak? Or does real beauty need to be silent? I can say that I become speechless every time I go into the grand hall, where the Stephane Rolland’s show is held. His dresses are resemblant, but only in their beauty. Dresses of jersey, gazar and velvet. And voluminous constructs, creating something never seen before. A...

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Stéphane Rolland SS2011

Jan 25, 11 Stéphane Rolland SS2011

I’d like to start this story with words of admiration. Paying tribute to fashion and being an admirer of certain designers, I did not expect that Stephane Rolland will make me just stood still in amazement at his summer haute couture show. Inspired by «spiritualité», «tantrisme», «Indian summer» and «Gandhi», he...

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Stéphane Rolland

Oct 14, 10 Stéphane Rolland

Time changes and with it evolves and the concept of haute couture. Remaining the privilege of the rich, clothes become more realistic: in addition to pure aesthetics, they become practical. Now couture dress may not just stay on a hanger to be admired from time to time, but also can be put on for special occasions, and even not...

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Stéphane Rolland SS2010

Jan 26, 10 Stéphane Rolland SS2010

Stephane has a look of a Parisian dandy, in a perfectly-cut suit with professional manners of a craftsman seller of luxury pieces, who is aware of his price and the one of his art. No wonder Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan chosen Monsieur Rolland as her exclusive tailor. Stephane counts his clients well (one hundred) and he is...

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