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Julien Fournie FW2016

Aug 11, 16 Julien Fournie FW2016

The bride in a cream, almost flesh-colored dress with a flared hem, tight sleeves going down to the middle phalanges and a deep V-shaped neckline, pointed like a sharp arrow the stomach, stopped several meters before reaching the podium, spun around and staggered, as if frightened by something, and disappeared at the backstage. We...

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Julien Fournié SS2016

Feb 17, 16 Julien Fournié SS2016

If I was faced a difficult task to choose from all of modern French haute couture designers just one, I would have no doubt made a bet on Julien Fournié. Among a variety of reasons, including personal ones (I am fond of Julien himself and what he is doing), the main is, perhaps, that the fashion brand Fournié combines all the...

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Julien Fournié FW2013

Aug 21, 13 Julien Fournié FW2013

One of the most enjoyable experiences of the fall-winter season was the collection of a young French designer Julien Fournié. Invited member of the Paris haute couture syndicate, Julien Fournié worked for such houses as Céline, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Torrente and Dior, before establishing in 2009 his own brand. His previous...

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Julien Fournié SS2013

Jan 25, 13 Julien Fournié SS2013

“The first genes” – so named Julien Fournié his new haute couture spring-summer 2013 show. A return to the sources of the creation the designer expressed in one (and probably the best) of his most thoughtful and complete in its meaningfulness collections. Almost everywhere black and white images still retain the...

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The New Wave of Couture FW 2012

Aug 25, 12 The New Wave of Couture FW 2012

Julien Fournie came to the high fashion from.. medicine.Obeying the parents, who didn’t consider cloths styling as a serious occupationfor a young man of good family, the future designer of haute couture spent 6years in the Academy of Medicine, having thoroughly studied the anatomy of thehuman body. A medical past mixed with his...

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Julien Fournié SS2012

Jan 27, 12 Julien Fournié SS2012

Julien Fournié belongs to a constellation of young and talented – the new generation of French (haute) couture. He has his own style, in which the couturier’s talent is interwoven with the past experience of Julien when following the parents’ advice the young man had studied to become a doctor for six years. From this...

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Winter 2012: Glamour Born

Dec 20, 11 Winter 2012: Glamour Born

She is sensual and graceful, confident and adventurous. Her strength is in her weakness. Not a victim but a trendsetter. She rewrites fashion codes, erases obsolete boundaries and creates her own rules. Not afraid to be named eccentric, she wears haute couture dresses during the day and finds exquisite evening pieces in...

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Julien Fournié FW2011

Jul 15, 11 Julien Fournié FW2011

In winter Haute Couture collection Julien Fournier continued his fashionable expansion in Paris. Daring, impregnated with the spirit of the London’s underground (the show was held at the nightclub under the Alexander III Bridge, two steps from the Grand Palais and the Champs Elysees), the collection confirms the designer in the...

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Beyoncé new album art features Julien Fournié

Jun 28, 11 Beyoncé new album art features Julien Fournié

Beyoncé chose a creation of Julien Fournié for the song “I Care” illustration in a book accompanying her new album ‘4’ that is released on 28th June 2011 . She wears “Daisy Duke” panties of the Summer 2011 Couture collection. ...

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Summer 2011: Contemporary Couture

Jun 01, 11 Summer 2011: Contemporary Couture

This summer, discover Contemporary Couture: the luxury of making your own decisions, the luxury of being an individualist. Haute Couture News presents its first exclusive editorial featuring: Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture, Julien Fournié Haute Couture, Jantaminiau Couture, Jewellery Goossens haute fantaisie, Bijouterie Maison...

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