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Elie Saab SS2011

Jan 26, 11 Elie Saab SS2011

Too beautiful to be true. The talent of a contemporary designer is determined by his ability to surprise and change. Collections, repeating one another from season to season, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste “I’ve seen this somewhere before” – a trap into which it is fairly easy to fall into in fashion. Last...

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Julien Fournié SS2011

Jan 25, 11 Julien Fournié SS2011

Fashionistas around the world can breathe a sigh of relief: the crisis is over and the crasy wind of change is blowing in the trendsetter capital. It is almost spring in Paris and on the catwalks of some haute couture collections the summer reigns already, as usual a season ahead of time of mere mortals. The best illustration of...

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Maurizio Galante SS2011

Jan 25, 11 Maurizio Galante SS2011

From the design of architecture to the architecture of design. Maurizio Galante believes that the clothes we wear have a second life: seemingly simple in two-dimensional world forms come to life as soon as they are put on. Soft and flowing garment design embraces the body, protecting it and emphasizing the movements and...

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Adeline André SS2011

Jan 25, 11 Adeline André SS2011

Triple toe loop. A real Parisian, a member of the narrow circle of selected few designers, who can boast owning a label of the Syndicate of Haute Couture, Adeline André knows all about triple armholes. The upper (in the sense that is worn on the upper body) clothing with three “holes” for the sleeves, so that one hand...

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Stéphane Rolland SS2011

Jan 25, 11 Stéphane Rolland SS2011

I’d like to start this story with words of admiration. Paying tribute to fashion and being an admirer of certain designers, I did not expect that Stephane Rolland will make me just stood still in amazement at his summer haute couture show. Inspired by «spiritualité», «tantrisme», «Indian summer» and «Gandhi», he...

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Dior Couture SS2011

Jan 24, 11 Dior Couture SS2011

Perhaps this is the only brand, which acronym CD is known to everyone. And the name of John Galliano is a brand in itself. What do we, mere mortals, could expect from the house Christian Dior at the haute couture show in Paris? Nothing like the previous shows! Galliano defies routine and dullness. Classic but transiting into each...

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Alexandre Vauthier SS2011

Jan 24, 11 Alexandre Vauthier SS2011

Get plenty of flowing silk, add shiny satin and rather solemn velvet, do not forget about sequins and gold, sparkling in camera flashes, and a long fur, giving the lazy luxury to the silhouette. Now remains the most important – to correctly “open” the body. Alexandre Vauthier is not only well aware of women’s...

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Stéphane Rolland

Oct 14, 10 Stéphane Rolland

Time changes and with it evolves and the concept of haute couture. Remaining the privilege of the rich, clothes become more realistic: in addition to pure aesthetics, they become practical. Now couture dress may not just stay on a hanger to be admired from time to time, but also can be put on for special occasions, and even not...

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Julien Fournié

Oct 10, 10 Julien Fournié

We are sitting on a sunlit summer terrace of the atelier of the Parisian fashion house Julien Fournié, overlooking the green roof of the Opéra Garnier on the right, and the hills of Montmartre with white Sacré Coeur on top slightly on the left. A more “glamorous” address for a fashion studio is difficult to come up...

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Jean Paul Gaultier FW2010

Jul 07, 10 Jean Paul Gaultier FW2010

Couture show of Jean Paul Gaultier, traditionally held in-house, in a spacious hall on the first floor of the brand’s headquarters, has been delayed for an hour. Having examined the front row, making sure that the entire fashion world is here and wondering who else we expect, I went through the press release, courteously placed on...

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