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Alexandre Vauthier SS2011

Jan 24, 11 Alexandre Vauthier SS2011

Get plenty of flowing silk, add shiny satin and rather solemn velvet, do not forget about sequins and gold, sparkling in camera flashes, and a long fur, giving the lazy luxury to the silhouette. Now remains the most important – to correctly “open” the body. Alexandre Vauthier is not only well aware of women’s...

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Jean Paul Gaultier FW2010

Jul 07, 10 Jean Paul Gaultier FW2010

Couture show of Jean Paul Gaultier, traditionally held in-house, in a spacious hall on the first floor of the brand’s headquarters, has been delayed for an hour. Having examined the front row, making sure that the entire fashion world is here and wondering who else we expect, I went through the press release, courteously placed on...

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Elie Saab FW2010

Jul 07, 10 Elie Saab FW2010

Dedicating his new haute couture collection to the Theater, Elie Saab, apparently, had a scenic decor in mind or to be precise, the curtain. However, looking at the models on the catwalk, the associations rose not with the stated in the press release Viennese opera house “La Fenice”, but rather with the county...

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On Aura Tout Vu FW2010

Jul 07, 10 On Aura Tout Vu FW2010

In the Kingdom of Far Far Away or, more precisely, in the gardens of the Palais Royal took place the show of the haut couture and accessories brand “On aura tout vu”. Wonderful fairy-tale characters appeared on the garden paths. Here is the Snow Queen in a white-blue mantle with a huge standing collar and sleeveless tippet with...

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Christophe Josse FW2010

Jul 07, 10 Christophe Josse FW2010

During the Fall/Winter 2010 haute couture fashion week in Paris we saw Chanel, Givenchy, Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino shining on the catwalks. That is expected and has become a “classic”. However there were shows of lesser known but no less talented masters, such as Christophe Josse. The French designer...

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Lefranc.Ferrant FW2010

Jul 06, 10 Lefranc.Ferrant FW2010

To start, I must confess that by duty I always try to watch shows closely and criticaly in order to fully convey the atmosphere there. To describe the collection in a way so that the reader will feel herself at my place. But this time I was just a woman who wanted to buy the entire collection, to lock it in the closet but also, of...

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Lefranc.Ferrant SS2010

Jan 27, 10 Lefranc.Ferrant SS2010

I should admit that sometimes to come directly to the show, without the avant-défilé “kitchen” of the backstage carries a certain chic, indeed – in the theater we don’t need to run behind the scenes to ferret out the secrets of makeup and the latest gossips of actors to later enjoy the performance seating in...

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Elie Saab SS2010

Jan 27, 10 Elie Saab SS2010

Breaking up with the “red carpet” canons, Elie Saab carries us away into the Aquatic Garden and invites to wake up as a fairy on a flower bed. She is dressed in caressing touches of the warm wind and sprinkling lilac, iridescent in the gentle spring sun. A slender designer’s “ingénue” is the very embodiment of youth,...

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Stéphane Rolland SS2010

Jan 26, 10 Stéphane Rolland SS2010

Stephane has a look of a Parisian dandy, in a perfectly-cut suit with professional manners of a craftsman seller of luxury pieces, who is aware of his price and the one of his art. No wonder Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan chosen Monsieur Rolland as her exclusive tailor. Stephane counts his clients well (one hundred) and he is...

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Christophe Josse SS2010

Jan 25, 10 Christophe Josse SS2010

10am on a frosty January Monday morning. Backstage of the hall Melpomene of the École des Beaux Arts in Paris. In less than an hour the haute couture spring-summer 2010 show of the designer Christophe Josse starts. Monsieur Josse answers to the journalists’ questions while I enjoy the psychotherapeutic effect of Christophe on...

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