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Jantaminiau SS2013

Feb 06, 13 Jantaminiau SS2013

“Calm image” – an unusual for our turbulent era title was chosen by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau for his new couture collection. The idea of the name originated from the designer’s own nostalgic memories of old books and antique marble statues of his grandmother, seen in the childhood. Intrigued and fascinated by the...

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Georges Hobeika SS2013

Feb 06, 13 Georges Hobeika SS2013

For the past twenty years, Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika continues to celebrate the grace and beauty, making the sensuality his credo. His muse is feminine and romantic. She follows the fashion while maintaining her individuality. This season, the heroine of George Hobeika traveled all over the planet with a message of peace,...

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Ulyana Sergeenko SS2013

Jan 24, 13 Ulyana Sergeenko SS2013

No matter how informal that would sound, but the first and the only possible reaction to the new couture collection of Ulyana Sergeenko is expressed by a single burst of general admiration “Ah!” I do not think finding myself the only one who expected the continuation of the “Russian doll”, cartoon-like theme, because...

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Chanel “Métiers d’Art” show

Dec 14, 12 Chanel “Métiers d’Art” show

Tireless great Karl, whose talents do not fit within the five annual shows of the “mother” house Chanel plus two as a guest designer for Fendi, not for the first time creates an “inter-seasonal” themed collection. After a fashion trip to Moscow in 2008, Shanghai in 2009 and Mumbai in 2011, the designer...

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Asian Couture FW. Day 2

Dec 12, 12 Asian Couture FW. Day 2

The second day of the Asian Haute Couture Week continued designers from Japan. Defile of the three leading couture houses of the Country of the Rising Sun destroyed my European clichés of Japanese fashion design as something black and white, multilayered-shapeless and too conceptual. Bright and so different from each other...

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Asian Couture FW. Day 1

Dec 12, 12 Asian Couture FW. Day 1

Singapore is often called the “Chinese Monaco.” It is home to the most affluent and accustomed to a high level of comfort members of the society of consumption. Expensive sports cars and luxury boutiques in Singapore are as natural as in its Mediterranean namesake. The difference is only in the scale of the luxury: in...

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Paco Rabanne PAP SS2013

Nov 12, 12 Paco Rabanne PAP SS2013

Paco Rabanne Spring-Summer 2013 collection, created by the new creative director of the House – Lydia Maurer – became a kind of tribute to a strong and confident woman. Her distinctive features are extravagance and “sex appeal”. Staying in neutral colors (blue, purple, black, gold and silver), the collection combines...

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Elie Saab PAP SS2013

Oct 30, 12 Elie Saab PAP SS2013

The presentation of the new spring-summer collection of the famous Lebanese designer Elie Saab closed the Paris Fashion Week. It was no less impressionable than all the previous ones, and attracted a number of celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Alain Delon, Clotilde Courau and Virginie Ledoyen. The inspirer of Elie Saab, this time,...

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PAP SS2013. New Generation

Oct 25, 12 PAP SS2013. New Generation

Luis Buchinho Portuguese designer Luis Buchinho took for the basis of his new collection geometric blotches of bright colors (such as magenta) in the form of a strict, almost minimalist cut. Bold combinations of fabrics and colors, the play of sequins, a fresh look on the use of an almost forgotten pleating (Luis even managed to...

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Ulyana Sergeenko FW 2012

Jul 16, 12 Ulyana Sergeenko FW 2012

Ulyana Sergeenko has long been known and loved by Parisian and Japanese bloggers and street style photographers for her authentic ultra-feminine looks, which bizarrely intertwined the hourglass silhouette, commonly called Dior’s New Look, with the charm of a Turgenev’s girl and memories of the Soviet childhood of the designer,...

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