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Ulyana Sergeenko FW2014

Jul 16, 14 Ulyana Sergeenko FW2014

It is no secret that the home country of Ulyana Sergeenko, Russia, is going through not so simple from political and humanitarian view times. Laces and ruffles, broad floor-sweeping skirts and flirty glances from under half-closed eyelashes are in the past. On the catwalk reigns post-revolutionary mood of the first quarter of the...

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Jean Paul Gaultier FW2014

Jul 15, 14 Jean Paul Gaultier FW2014

At the haute couture fashion week in Paris Jean Paul Gaultier introduced his cute “vampires.” At dusk they appear dressed in a black dress with a hood, pallor of slim legs flashes in the moonlight, gold chains gleam with luxury, hands are hidden in soft leather gloves, and scarlet lips freeze in a cunning grin. All...

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Armani Privé FW2014

Jul 14, 14 Armani Privé FW2014

Giorgio Armani already entered into the history of fashion during his lifetime, turning a boring office lady’s suit into synonymous of elegance and Italian, a little more liberated than French, chic. His new couture collection Armani Privé designer opened exactly with suits, almost everyday casual, with the only difference...

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Chanel FW2014

Jul 14, 14 Chanel FW2014

A beautiful pearl with a flaw. It is perfect in its splendor, but its shape is far from rounded perfection. Baroque is flawed pearl. It is unlike everything around, but it is beautiful. At the Paris Haute Couture fashion week Karl Lagerfeld turned to Baroque and chose Grand Palais – the ideal venue for show of the house Chanel....

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Alexis Mabille FW2014

Jul 14, 14 Alexis Mabille FW2014

American writer and filmmaker Susan Sontag, having lived the second half of her life with a famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, once said: «what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine». It was this quote Alexis Mabille chose as a starting point to create his fall-winter haute couture collection. His ideas...

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Atelier Versace FW2014

Jul 13, 14 Atelier Versace FW2014

“Back to the fifties” marked the opening of the Paris Haute Couture fashion week with the collection of Atelier Versace, which critics have already described as the most sophisticated of all ever created by Gianni’s sister. Donatella succeeded in something almost impossible: to link Dior’s exaggerated elegance of the...

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Elie Saab FW2014

Jul 13, 14 Elie Saab FW2014

Opulence of a Parisian palace where the light flowing from crystal chandeliers, reflecting in hundred mirrors, plays with all shades of mysterious night inspired Elie Saab to create his new fall-winter haute couture collection. If splendor and luxury, accessible only to modern goddesses and princesses, have an apotheosis, then the...

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Stephane Rolland FW2014

Jul 10, 14 Stephane Rolland FW2014

At the Fall-Winter 2014/2015 Haute Couture fashion week Stephane Rolland broke the familiar format of a fashion show and presented a short film «L` echappée». He presented his collection – a work of art – with the help of cinema. Definitely a great work of director Diane Sagnler, which managed to understand and implement...

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Dior Couture FW2014

Jul 10, 14 Dior Couture FW2014

All the great things are simple – yet another confirmation of that the golden rule provided Raf Simons in the new couture collection created by the Belgian fashion prodigy for Dior. More precisely, they should seem to be simple. None the less behind every embroidered flower, every fold, frill and zipper lie hundreds of hours...

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On Aura Tout Vu FW2014

Jul 10, 14 On Aura Tout Vu FW2014

“Jardin du Palais Royal” is one of the most suitable places for the haute couture show of the fashion house On Aura Tout Vu. Their collections resemble a synthesis of nature, abstract matters and technology. As the basis of their new collection Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov took regular water: flowing, shining,...

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