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Zuhair Murad SS2013

Feb 21, 13 Zuhair Murad SS2013

Artificially aged gold jewelry, richness of reliefs, covered with patina as an echo of ancient frescos, the virtuosity of the arches of Italian Baroque sculptor Antonio Raggi, an aesthetic shock of Roman churches and… a thrilling song of an angel. The new haute couture collection “Golden Age” of Zurair Murad, which was already...

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Georges Chakra SS2013

Feb 18, 13 Georges Chakra SS2013

The new collection of Lebanese designer Georges Chakra one may call a “Color Power”. This talented designer, dressing celebrities and stars, spared no color for his creations: neon blue, dazzling pink, yellow, orange, turquoise tones perfectly combine with the brilliance of Swarovski crystals used in embroidery. Be it a...

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Maison Martin Margiela SS2013

Feb 15, 13 Maison Martin Margiela SS2013

The creator is unpredictable and his unpredictability is predictable. He is invisible to flashes of photo cameras. He’s like a ghost, hiding under a mask of mystery. At the Spring-Summer 2013 show of the most mystical fashion house Maison Martin Margiela the masks were on the faces of all models. At the previous shows the...

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Alexis Mabille SS2013

Feb 13, 13 Alexis Mabille SS2013

The January haute couture collection of Alexis Mabille marked the transition to a new, more prestigious status for the young French designer: from the “guest” Alexis moved to full membership of the elite fashion syndicate. Perhaps it was the honorary designation that influenced the spirit of the summer collection, in...

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On Aura Tout Vu SS2013

Feb 07, 13 On Aura Tout Vu SS2013

The new haute couture collection of On Aura Tout Vu, called “Cosmic Beetle”, this time was dedicated to the world of insects, for centuries admired by the human eye. Surrounded in mystery, inhabiting sacred worlds, these creatures do not cease to amaze us with their radiance, subtlety and clarity! Tired wandering alone,...

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Chanel SS2013

Feb 05, 13 Chanel SS2013

Perhaps one of the most accurate definitions of the modern haute couture gave Inès de la Fressange. An égérie, journalist and writer, who embodies the spirit of a true Parisian, at the end of the Chanel fashion show answered to a question about whether she liked the show: “If you want to understand what is haute couture...

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Jean Paul Gaultier SS2013

Jan 30, 13 Jean Paul Gaultier SS2013

A slight perplexity, cleverly hidden behind by the following it delight – this was my feeling after the Haute Couture show of Jean Paul Gaultier. Stripes did not surprise me at all; heavy bracelets, earrings, necklaces, collars and chains were also expected by my imagination, but there was something that was constantly slipping...

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Elie Saab SS2013

Jan 29, 13 Elie Saab SS2013

The ode to elegance, imbued with the spirit of neo-baroque, sang in his new spring-summer haute couture collection the favorite of Hollywood’s movie divas Elie Saab. “Extremely sophisticated, feminine, exuding the delicate aroma of elegance”: the epithets, with which press releases of the Saab shows invariably adorn his...

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Stephane Rolland SS2013

Jan 28, 13 Stephane Rolland SS2013

At the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week designers show their talent. A talent to create a state-of-art composition of color and textures from a variety of materials. Everybody judge the result and not the countless hours of work. Some people it amazes, it enters others into a state of shock, and for the few it resonates with the...

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Franck Sorbier SS2013

Jan 28, 13 Franck Sorbier SS2013

The line between fashion and art in the ethereal world of haute couture is thin. Franck Sorbier, whose “défilés” (if that word applies to the performances of the designer) were always distinguished by a special creativity, this time made from the presentation of his spring-summer collection a real spectacle. Sorbier...

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