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Giorgio Armani Privé FW2011

Sep 14, 11 Giorgio Armani Privé FW2011

We had already imagined a woman from the future at the previous haute couture show by Armani Privé. This time we are captivated by the wisdom and mystery of the East, specifically Japan. More than one wit and a keen eye paid a glance to this remote part of the world. Looking not only at the fashion but also at the economic...

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On Aura Tout Vu FW 2011

Jul 25, 11 On Aura Tout Vu FW 2011

Every day we look in the mirror: either closely or just glancing. And what do we see? Our own reflection, be it a joy or sorrow … the world around us. The designers of “On aura tout vu” fashion house see more. A woman who can be a princess, a wild cat or a “poor lamb” – each can has its own reflections....

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Givenchy FW2011

Jul 20, 11 Givenchy FW2011

Have you ever seen a blizzard sweeps and an intricate pattern appears on the windows? Have you tried to transfer this pattern at least on a paper? I haven’t. Because a sheet of paper is already white and this beauty will not be visible on it. But what if you try to recreate it from airy tulle and make a dress? I think I would not...

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Stéphane Rolland FW2011

Jul 18, 11 Stéphane Rolland FW2011

Can beauty speak? Or does real beauty need to be silent? I can say that I become speechless every time I go into the grand hall, where the Stephane Rolland’s show is held. His dresses are resemblant, but only in their beauty. Dresses of jersey, gazar and velvet. And voluminous constructs, creating something never seen before. A...

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Maxime Simoëns FW2011

Jul 16, 11 Maxime Simoëns FW2011

As a theme for his winter Haute Couture collections young favourite of overseas it-girls Maxime Simoens picked the first black and white horror movie about vampire Nosferatu. The character is intended to personify the transition from the neo-Gothic aesthetics to the following it expressionism or, if you will, to the geometry of Art...

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Julien Fournié FW2011

Jul 15, 11 Julien Fournié FW2011

In winter Haute Couture collection Julien Fournier continued his fashionable expansion in Paris. Daring, impregnated with the spirit of the London’s underground (the show was held at the nightclub under the Alexander III Bridge, two steps from the Grand Palais and the Champs Elysees), the collection confirms the designer in the...

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Chanel FW2011

Jul 08, 11 Chanel FW2011

Chanel collections are immune to criticism. Just because of the incredible hype that Karl Lagerfeld magically creates around his shows. Or because of the unchanging venue – the Grand Palais in Paris and every time anew, large-scale décor that thematically convert the hall under the glass dome into a haystack, the North Pole...

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Elie Saab FW2011

Jul 08, 11 Elie Saab FW2011

The new winter collection of Elie Saab Haute couture can be almost surely called as one of the airiest ever built by Lebanese designer. Muslin, tulle and lace create an image of a beautiful vision from the world of dreams. Dreams of a big city, over which the dawn spreads, reflected in the mirrored facades of skyscrapers. The...

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Jean Paul Gaultier FW2011

Jul 08, 11 Jean Paul Gaultier FW2011

“Cock-a-doodle-doo”: roosters scream in the morning. It is very unusual to hear such sound in the capital of haute couture – Paris. Even so, 16 looks in the press release of Jean Paul Gaultier Couture were named as a “kukareko” in 16 different languages. Under an accompaniment of a modernized version of “Swan...

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Alexis Mabille FW2011

Jul 08, 11 Alexis Mabille FW2011

Alexis Mabille invites us into the magic world of Jean de la Fontaine fables. Heroes of the collection are animals and insects, each of which designer decorates with a distinctive, recognizable feature. So the evening close fitting black velvet gown of the black wolf from “The Horse and the Wolf” fable features on the...

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