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Elie Saab PAP SS2013

Oct 30, 12 Elie Saab PAP SS2013

The presentation of the new spring-summer collection of the famous Lebanese designer Elie Saab closed the Paris Fashion Week. It was no less impressionable than all the previous ones, and attracted a number of celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Alain Delon, Clotilde Courau and Virginie Ledoyen. The inspirer of Elie Saab, this time,...

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The New Wave of Couture FW 2012

Aug 25, 12 The New Wave of Couture FW 2012

Julien Fournie came to the high fashion from.. medicine.Obeying the parents, who didn’t consider cloths styling as a serious occupationfor a young man of good family, the future designer of haute couture spent 6years in the Academy of Medicine, having thoroughly studied the anatomy of thehuman body. A medical past mixed with his...

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One Couture Story: Part 2

Jul 03, 12 One Couture Story: Part 2

The workshop of Eric Charles-Donatien, the feathers master, is adjacent to the original building of the French Ministry of Culture in the heart of the Paris textile district. Inside the atelier, which serves at the same time as a show-room and a boutique, reins the twilight of creativity and peace. A few craftsmen lean over long...

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Dior Couture SS2012

Feb 12, 12 Dior Couture SS2012

With the departure of John Galliano from the Dior fashion house, of course the question arose who will replace him. Some people are indispensable, but no one is irreplaceable. The search for a replacement was a very complex process causing a lot of stir in fashion business and media, but for a moment the choice fell on Bill Gaytten...

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Elie Saab SS2012

Jan 27, 12 Elie Saab SS2012

In one of her interviews, the priestess of fashion journalism and a true lady Suzy Menkes to answer a question, what is able to draw her attention in a new collection of a designer which she comes to review for a thirty-third season, said something like this: “All the designers sooner or later begin to repeat themselves. This...

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Julien Fournié SS2012

Jan 27, 12 Julien Fournié SS2012

Julien Fournié belongs to a constellation of young and talented – the new generation of French (haute) couture. He has his own style, in which the couturier’s talent is interwoven with the past experience of Julien when following the parents’ advice the young man had studied to become a doctor for six years. From this...

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On Aura Tout Vu SS2012

Jan 26, 12 On Aura Tout Vu SS2012

“Woven out of fire” – comes to mind when you would want to name the latest Couture Spring-Summer 2012 collection of On Aura Tout Vu (a French expression roughly equivalent to “That takes the cake!”). I must confess that every time with a bated breath I’m waiting for their show and is tortured by the question: how...

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Winter 2012: Glamour Born

Dec 20, 11 Winter 2012: Glamour Born

She is sensual and graceful, confident and adventurous. Her strength is in her weakness. Not a victim but a trendsetter. She rewrites fashion codes, erases obsolete boundaries and creates her own rules. Not afraid to be named eccentric, she wears haute couture dresses during the day and finds exquisite evening pieces in...

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Stéphane Rolland FW2011

Jul 18, 11 Stéphane Rolland FW2011

Can beauty speak? Or does real beauty need to be silent? I can say that I become speechless every time I go into the grand hall, where the Stephane Rolland’s show is held. His dresses are resemblant, but only in their beauty. Dresses of jersey, gazar and velvet. And voluminous constructs, creating something never seen before. A...

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Chanel FW2011

Jul 08, 11 Chanel FW2011

Chanel collections are immune to criticism. Just because of the incredible hype that Karl Lagerfeld magically creates around his shows. Or because of the unchanging venue – the Grand Palais in Paris and every time anew, large-scale décor that thematically convert the hall under the glass dome into a haystack, the North Pole...

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