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Chanel FW2013

Jul 09, 13 Chanel FW2013

Allegory, erasing the line between cinematic past, with its enduring inspiring heroes, and futuristic future, belonging to the generation of twitter and Rihanna, was brilliantly played by Karl Lagerfeld in the new fall-winter haute couture collection for the fashion colossus with centuries of history – house Chanel. What is...

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Atelier Versace FW2013

Jul 04, 13 Atelier Versace FW2013

Be it is a line of prêt-à-porter or couture, Donatella Versace always remains true to herself: the most glamorous Italian designer always praises the luxury and beauty of the (semi) nude perfect female body. Body is the main, according to Donatella, weapon of the modern woman, but it is important to present it properly,...

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Dior Couture FW2013

Jul 04, 13 Dior Couture FW2013

Since his appointment as creative director at the legendary house Christian Dior, whose very name is associated with the modern history of haute couture, Raf Simons faced a very difficult task: to preserve classic codes, while bringing in the timeliness and freshness of the twenty-first century. Not losing, but gaining new customers...

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Jean Paul Gaultier SS2013

Jan 30, 13 Jean Paul Gaultier SS2013

A slight perplexity, cleverly hidden behind by the following it delight – this was my feeling after the Haute Couture show of Jean Paul Gaultier. Stripes did not surprise me at all; heavy bracelets, earrings, necklaces, collars and chains were also expected by my imagination, but there was something that was constantly slipping...

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Elie Saab SS2013

Jan 29, 13 Elie Saab SS2013

The ode to elegance, imbued with the spirit of neo-baroque, sang in his new spring-summer haute couture collection the favorite of Hollywood’s movie divas Elie Saab. “Extremely sophisticated, feminine, exuding the delicate aroma of elegance”: the epithets, with which press releases of the Saab shows invariably adorn his...

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Stephane Rolland SS2013

Jan 28, 13 Stephane Rolland SS2013

At the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week designers show their talent. A talent to create a state-of-art composition of color and textures from a variety of materials. Everybody judge the result and not the countless hours of work. Some people it amazes, it enters others into a state of shock, and for the few it resonates with the...

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Dior Couture SS2013

Jan 26, 13 Dior Couture SS2013

With each collection created for the sacred French house Christian Dior, the “rookie” Raf Simons confirms the bet made on his candidacy for the post of creative director by the brand owners. Simons spends hours and weeks in a painstaking study of the archives of the great founder of the fashion house and still creates fresh,...

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Atelier Versace SS2013

Jan 23, 13 Atelier Versace SS2013

Despite the official beginning of the haute couture spring-summer 2013 fashion week scheduled for Monday 21 January, the day before, on Sunday evening all the key figures of the global fashion press, led by Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes, gathered under the glass dome of the “Credit Lyonnais” headquarters («Le...

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Asian Couture FW. Day 1

Dec 12, 12 Asian Couture FW. Day 1

Singapore is often called the “Chinese Monaco.” It is home to the most affluent and accustomed to a high level of comfort members of the society of consumption. Expensive sports cars and luxury boutiques in Singapore are as natural as in its Mediterranean namesake. The difference is only in the scale of the luxury: in...

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Impressionists and Fashion

Nov 12, 12 Impressionists and Fashion

Passing along the exhibits of the “Impressionists and Fashion”, which opened at the Musee d’Orsay, you involuntarily start thinking about how much the world, traditions and customs have simplified for just one hundred – one hundred and fifty years. The 21st century, the Age of Speed, does not leave us any...

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