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Juana Martin

Mar 18, 20 Juana Martin

Spanish style has recently appeared in more and more collections of both ready-to-wear and haute couture lines. Mostly interpreted by foreigners. But how would Spanish designers themselves translate the quintessence of their national DNA? We sit and talked to the Andalusia-born couturier – the first one since Balenciaga’s...

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Our choice: 5 collections from SS2019 Paris Fashion Week

Feb 06, 19 Our choice: 5 collections from SS2019 Paris Fashion Week

On the eve the new pret-a-porter season we present five Spring-Summer 2019 collections that inspired us the most. 1. John Galliano. This is one of the best to the present moment collections of the British Bill Gaytten in his position of creative director of the fashion house. The collection is inspired by the movie “Picnic at...

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Maurizio Galante

Aug 11, 17 Maurizio Galante

A short talk with a famous French-Italian haute couture designer about fashion, design and theater. How did you become a designer? I started by studying the architecture at the university in Rome and at the same time I studied fashion at the Academy of Costume and Fashion. Two years later, I abandoned the architecture and...

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