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Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2020

Apr 17, 20 Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2020

World will never be the same..will it?

Whatever it will be after we can go out of our houses, travel, communicate offline and attend party again, we will need to put cloths on, don’t we?

Fashion survived after so many dramatic human crises, be it two World Wars, economical crashes or a rise of street style, well, the latter was just a respond to social state of minds.  ‘This shall past too’. People will wear cloths. The question is not: what sort of cloths – trousers and skirts and coats will still be relevant – but: how? Shall we continue to buy fast fashion products lasting a season or shall we move forward, or correctly say, backward, to what certain specialists now call ‘conscious fashion’? Buying less but better, knowing exactly where the garments we put on are coming from and what is the real price of pieces manufactured by happy, loving their job rather than struggling to survive people.

While waiting for so highly expected resolution of all these questions, let us look at some guidelines proposed by Parisian designers last March within the ready-to-wear fashion shows of fall/winter 2020/2021.

Lather and latex look like the predominant materials for the next season. This trend anticipates the return of feminine shapes, with a light touch of BDSM. It protects and cover at the same time. Thus, feel free to choose your interpretation.

80th with their strong big shoulders are back in force. Which is in perfect alliance with the women empowerment movement. Our time has come, ladies!

All variations of capes: be it a long cloak, wrap-style pieces or mantles. Its mysterious aspect invites us to travel, even if the only possible journey at present is the one to your nearest grocery shop. We can always dream, that is what fashion made for, too.

Spotted: full-length gloves complete quite a glamorous (and sexy) looks. Timeless elegance sometimes needs just an accessory to remind us of its eternal beauty. Yet, gloves together with masks might see a new revolutionary coming back on catwalks next year, given the current situation.

Pencil skirt, with slits even better. From midi to full length.

Quilted fabrics might give a sensation of cosiness, home and, yes, you guessed it, protection. Outerwear pieces look more appropriate but designers propose extravagant numbers such as long sleeved dresses worn with high hills or samurai-inspired suits put together with thigh-high boots.

Shall we continue to wear easygoing gender-neutral baskets or opt for feminine sometimes to the detriment of comfort high hills, and planforms? Difficult to predict right now. Yet, following what we saw at the latest fall/winter shows preferences go to the second category. What indeed would match better with all other [trends].