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Atelier du Bracelet Parisien

Jun 06, 17 Atelier du Bracelet Parisien

A small but very luminous, thanks to the glassy wall-showcase, Atelier du Bracelet Parisien Concept boutique meets us with hot coffee, chilled champagne and homemade canapé snacks. On this rainy day of the Parisian fashion week, charged with endless shows and presentations, the showroom of leather bracelets and accessories workshop located just a stone’s throw from the very heart of the fashion bustle – Vendome Square – is an oasis of comfort, devoid of snobbishness of prêt-à-porter week. Such a friendly attitude of the brand’s team lies in its history: ABP Concept is a family company run by the third generation of the founder Jean-Claude Perrin. Not for nothing the label deserved an honorary title of a “Company of Living Heritage” certified by the French government: 80% of its products are made manually in the Paris studio.

A tour of the atelier-shop in the company of a smiling press attaché turns into a visit of Ali Baba’s cavern. Drawers along the walls that rise to the ceiling are filled with hundreds of different colored animal skins which can satisfy any, even the most exotic, taste: from a scaly python and a pimpled stingray [by the way, the most expensive skin] to a more “classical” buffalo and sheep. It is important to clarify that all animals whose skins are used in production are bred on licensed farms.
The natural color of the skin does not matter: at your request the ABP Concept craftsmen will turn a marsh crocodile color into a ‘’shocking’’ fuchsia, or a ‘’dully’’ grayish elephant into a trendy military khaki.

As a souvenir the hosts propose to make a bracelet from any skin sample of our choice. The task, frankly speaking, is not easy, given the incredible richness of the choice: one wants both something original and “for all occasions.” Together with our photographer we “dive” into the contents of the magic boxes, forgetting about the time. Finally, the choice is made, we say goodbye to the ABP Concept team as old friends, and hurry to another defile.

I leave the ABP Concept boutique with confidence that it is not necessary to buy a new wristwatch to stay in trend – one can just go to the store-studio at 56 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré in Paris (or visit the online shop) and order a new bracelet for it. Or just get a simple wrist strap, which, moreover, will serve as a perfect gift for any occasion. After all, real quality and practicality are timeless , and therefore always highly prized.

Photo credits: Haute Couture News