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Reem Acra

Jul 28, 17 Reem Acra

Celebrities’ favorite NY based designer Reem Acra came to Paris and gave us a short interview.

1.       Tell us about the sources of inspiration for this collection.

There is no specific inspiration for this collection except my own imaginary world; it all came from something I feel comfortable with. I started with the fabrics. As you can see, I love combining different fabrics and colors. I wanted to show that everything could be mixed and matched. The same idea goes along with the accessories, many of which we made using the embroidery – they repeat the motives of clothes. There are two parts of the collection: day part and evening one. In the day part you can perfectly match a more casual top with a pair of jeans and feel yourself comfortable without being ‘’overdressed’’. It is something new from what we have done before.

2.       I noticed that you use symbols in the embroideries like hearts, ‘’protective’’ eyes, Fatima hands, is there any meaning behind?

Absolutely. I use eyes and Fatima hands to attract good luck and hearts to express the idea of open heart. I want my clients to be happy and lucky wearing my garments. And I do believe in symbols.

3.       Reem Acra’s clothes is very couture spirit, both from the point of view of craftwork and the approach to its creation, why don’t you show your collections in Paris haute couture fashion week?

That’s right: I have the feeling of haute couture but I want couture be available for everybody. Thus, what you see in this collection can be called couture but I keep it reachable. All pieces are made in our New-York’s atelier and many of them are handicraft.

4.       Do you have any muses, women who inspire you to create looks?

My creations are not about a real or specific woman, its about a woman we all dream to be. She comes from a different world; she has a little bit of the East and a little bit of the West. She represents different me, me on a journey: I was born in Beirut, lived in Paris, I have been living in New Your now for more than 30 years.

5.       In terms of your clients, who are they and where they come from?

They are also quite diversified, coming from all around the world. My client is eclectic, sophisticated, she travels a lot, loves fashion, quality and, of cause, richness as my style is opulent.

6.       Will you continue to present your collections in New-York ready-to-wear weeks?

For the moment I will present collections in the NY fashion week but at the same time I would continue to bring them in Paris as well, just as we did this time: I like the venue [Ritz Paris Hotel], and I personally feel myself more French than American).