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Georges Hobeika

Aug 03, 17 Georges Hobeika

1. Could you tell us your fashion house story? How did you start?

The story started with my mother who used to be a couturier in Beirut. I helped her in her fashion atelier before opening my own house. Architecture, which I studied, influenced my style. As well as the nature – another element the strong presence of which you could trace in our every collection – since we were living in the mountains surrounded by it.

2. Which story you are telling us in this new fall/winter 2017/2018 couture collection?

This time we invite our clients to the magic Andalusia to admire its unique architecture, reflected in the couture pieces. This collection is a combination of simplicity and purity of exterior and the opulence and resplendence of colors of interior – the striking contrasts that you can observe while entering for example the Alhambra castle in Granada. We open the defile with some pastel colors which are progressively ‘’gloaming’’ into blue, red and burgundy before transforming into the nude palette at the final to recall the sea which is just nearby.

Georges Hobeika FW2017 Backstage

3. Woman à la George Hobeika – how does she look like?

She is elegant and sophisticated, has lots of class and purity. She is strong, even if she might look fragile – it is just an appearance as she has very strong interior personality.

Georges Hobeika FW2017 Backstage

4. What does the world of high fashion represent to you?

Its magnificent and exceptional world where we can explore and experiment; it require a lot of work and efforts to look effortless.

5. To your opinion, would the actual deconstruction and fast& trash fashion tendency influence haute couture? Will high fashion survive to all these transformations?

Personally, I believe in future of high fashion. Whatever is happening in the fashion, it [haute couture] will survive. All these transformations concern mostly ready-to-wear lines, which are nowadays experiencing the strong influence of street-wear. Haute couture creates looks for special occasions: galas, red carpets, exceptional events. It still gives us the opportunity to dream; and as long as people will need to dream, haute couture will exist. Per contra, it can evolve into new ideas, more comfortable cuts for example.

Georges Hobeika FW2017 Backstage

6. Would you follow any trends while creating your collections?

We are staying connected to what is going on in the fashion. Nevertheless, we follow our own imagination and ideas. The defile is a result of our 6-months of research and hard work.

7. Your clients come from all around the globe, with a variety of cultural and personal background: what would they have in common?

All of them love nature, colors and details. We pay particular attentions to the details – that is one of the house signatures’, which I believe, attracts our clientele.



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