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Galia Lahav

Jul 29, 17 Galia Lahav

A short interview with amazing Galia Lahav at the backstage of their Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2017/2018 show.

1.       You are coming from the tailor’s family. Could you tell us the brief story of your fashion house?  

I was born in Belarus. My mother was a seamstress, thus I was growing in the fashion atmosphere. When I was young, I was dreaming to follow the steps of my mom and become a fashion designer. I opened eponymous fashion house 30 year ago in Tel-Aviv which was specialized in bridal and evening gowns. The brand has become well known in Israel with a strong local clientele support. Five years ago we expanded our activities toward international markets which till now have been experiencing a growing success we are proud of.


2.       Could your identify the Galia Lahav’s DNA?

We translate the fashion into our vision of a modern well-dressed woman, which is the combination of sexy, feminine and elegance. At the same time, considering my artistic background there is an art touch in every dress. We consider our house as a high fashion one as we use a lot of craftwork in our creations.


3.       What does the world of haute couture represent to you?

Modernity and cosmopolitism in a way the French haute couture brings the notion of high fashion worldwide on the one hand. Precision and quality – it should be done very well- on the other hand.


4.       Since you make two lines: wedding and evening couture dresses tell us what is the difference in approach between them?

Wedding dresses should traditionally be white, and there is more important part of traditions in wedding dresses’ creation. Meanwhile making high fashion pieces we can be a little bit more imaginative in terms of design and colors.

Galia Lahav Haute Couture


5.       Your new collection: what was it inspired by?

[Sharon Sever, the second art director of the brand, joins in the conversation]

The cabinet of curiosities inspired this couture collection with all sorts of objects regrouped in one space. We focused on the world of under water. We used a lot of embroideries and paillettes to imitate a fish scale. There are three predominant colors in the collection: blue, red and milk. Volumes is another important element of the collection: with a multi-layers tailoring, we were trying to recreate the idea of waves’ movement which come and go at the surf line. The ocean theme is reflected in the models make-up as well with a vivid blue eyeliners and coral red lips.

Galia Lahav Haute Couture Galia Lahav Haute Couture

 6.       Your creations are ultra-feminine. What do you think about the actual unisex tendency in the fashion which one might see as a total opposite of your universe?

When you see this new collection you will find that it’s a kind of breaking the house rules one. It’s still very feminine and very us but there are quite a lot of masculine looks, with not what we are known for in terms of textures [as leather for example], and the cut become simpler.

7.       Do you follow any trends while creating couture collections?

We are following our trends: trying to be different, trying to be us. We are also experimenting as in this collection which I invite you to discover!


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