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Fall-Winter 2017 Trends (part 2)

Apr 25, 17 Fall-Winter 2017 Trends (part 2)

Writings on T-shirts and sweatshirts, so popular on New York and London catwalks of the past weeks, are considered by Parisian designers a passing trend. “Strong messages”, deliberately political or calling for inter-gender equality and the rights of various minorities, along with deconstructionism, gradually give way to ethnic, abstract and cosmic [as in the CD and Chanel collections mentioned above] motifs.

In order not to miscalculate, choose timeless “love” messages, just like H&M designers to enrich their limited H&M Studio collection, also presented during the Paris prêt-à-porter week. It’s time to take out my 1999 T-shirt, with an inscription “depuis que l’amour est à la mode” (“since love in fashion”) of the teenagers’ brand “Morgan”, from which my French language’s study began.


Juicy fuchsia color (along with the aforementioned mustard), revived looks in many fall-winter shows, declaring itself as a trend color for the coming season.

Fuchsia color

So as high boots visually extending and slimming legs. Though next winter they will turn into a kind of fishing boots, expanding to the middle of the thigh. In the coming season, you cannot do without high gloves, which also become wide and take a shape of an “accordion” above the elbow.

Boots and Gloves

In the choice of outerwear designers give us a relative freedom: coats, wide or even fitted, slightly covering knees or floor-length; all kinds of sheepskin coats and leather items. An absolute “must” for a fashionista in the upcoming winter season is a colored artificial fur coat. Such fur, thanks to modern technologies, is in no way inferior quality to the real one, and, at times, is not distinguishable from it visually. But it’s much easier to take care of, not to mention the ethics and a price tag.

Artificial Fur

The check in its basic version – brown-black-and-white – along with sharp-nosed cowboy boots – came to us from the kitschy 90s. Once again everything new is a well-forgotten old, but only for those who remember it.


Noble velvet of all shades and textures returned to catwalks and is not giving up its positions.


Many designers agreed and released models on the podium with neat hairstyles. Ponytail can be easily called the most popular hairdo. Do not spare gel to give shine to your look. You can wear a ponytail with a straight parting (Loewe, Leonard, Sacai, Céline, Yudashkin), or make neat and girlish tails with a bow like Roschas or brutal and complex with braids like Balmain.


Do not be afraid of contrasts and be prepared for surprises – this is the main fashion motto of the upcoming season!