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Yiqing Yin SS2016

Feb 19, 16 Yiqing Yin SS2016

What will remain of the modern woman after the civilization disappears? After the end of the world what a metamorphosis awaits her look? To This question, which has been inspiring for a while the directors of Hollywood blockbusters, answered Yiqing Yin in her new collection ‘’Blooming ashes’’.

First, according to Yiqing, the heroine of a post-apocalypse is devoid of “false shame”: like a vessel, wrapped in the sails and terracotta colored ropes, where deliberate asymmetry of cut and a combination of different textures are designed to create the effect of negligence, ”nonchalance ”, so beloved by fashion editors of Vogue Paris.

Secondly, returning to her roots, the “survivor” regains long time lost, as superfluous in modern society, superpowers. Yiqing creates an image of a female shaman in pieces of precious furs sewn together and long red soil silk dresses, “reinforced” with leather strips forming a bustier (for the perfect cut of which is responsible the designer Coen Carsten, who employs laser cutting).

Sorceress, whose strength lies in her beauty, a neo-amazon, not afraid to emphasize femininity of her forms – this is how the young designer sees her muse.

The new collection of Yiqing Yin increasingly shows the influence of the French Queen of draperies Madame Grès, while several futuristic looks (in particular the final one – a dress, decorated with bulbs) are inspired by works of her contemporary, a designer from Holland Iris van Herpen.

A mix, based on seemingly opposites and multiplied by an own story of Yiqing, turns out to be fresh and ambitious, perfectly matching the mistress of the House, which name had finally lost the ‘membre invité’ tag in the official haute couture program this season.

Photo credits: Yiqing Yin

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