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On Aura Tout Vu FW16

Jul 11, 16 On Aura Tout Vu FW16

«Mouvement perpétuel» – an eternal, never-ending, continuous movement, is the name of the fall-winter 2016 collection of “On aura tout vu”.

Everything in this world is a movement, tried to demonstrate to us designers. Movement of hundreds of tubes, skillfully assembled in artful combinations, flow of sleeves and pleated skirts, unimaginable shoulder constructions: everything created a motion through the space.

The light and darkness are continuously touching the collection with their color essence, giving it all the same motion effect. The deep blue, so as the black, are diluted with crystals gloss. Light transparency and lace somehow softened the jumble of tubes and cones and catch the eyes of sophisticated public. As a “bright spot” shined a burgundy draped dress, developing and fascinating like a ray of light in the darkness.

Movement is life. In the space everything is in a constant motion in the darkness and the glare of the stars. Our entire vast, endless and beautiful universe appears to be reflected in one of the “On aura tout vu” crystals.

Photo credits: On Aura Tout Vu

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