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Julien Fournie FW2016

Aug 11, 16 Julien Fournie FW2016

The bride in a cream, almost flesh-colored dress with a flared hem, tight sleeves going down to the middle phalanges and a deep V-shaped neckline, pointed like a sharp arrow the stomach, stopped several meters before reaching the podium, spun around and staggered, as if frightened by something, and disappeared at the backstage. We looked at each other, shrugging shoulders in anticipation of the final walk.

Music paused for a moment. Suddenly, under the arches of the old Protestant church, where once again Julien Fournié holds his fashion show, sounded sharp blows, forcing guests to jump from their seats. In a split second a rain of confetti – thousands of small black pieces of paper, strikingly similar to ashes -poured at the stunned audience. The designer made his solemn walk under standing ovation.

From the beginning of his haute couture career Fournié was primarily interested in clothing as a way to convey to people a certain message. In the latest fall-winter collection the designer appeals to fundamental Elegance and Love as the only value together with Light, able to go beyond the space-time continuum.

Our planet is running a countdown. The hope for the salvation of the earth’s civilization can only come from the outer space, a distant galaxy, in search of which Julien equips his special force of beauties (because we all know that beauty will save the world), whose ‘’uniform’’ is designed to protect them and facilitate their responsible mission.

Pantsuits open the show with the jackets’ silhouettes based on a tailcoat. Accessorized with original adornments, in their modulations they resemble an intergalactic nebula. Through the “dark matter” the designer carries us to a series of looks, which “cloudy” drawings are muted with a thin layer of tone-on-tone tulle.

A glittering pomegranate, in a signature for Fournié anatomic cut, is embroidered with black zigzag lace ribbons: we gradually move from a prêt-à- porter deluxe to the essential haute couture. Evening floor length gowns with broad skirts, as if woven from a stardust and scintillation of distant planets, anticipate the final flesh-colored looks, whose impeccable cut emphasizes the body morphology.

“The Couture for fashion should be the same as quantum physics for astronomy – a pass to a new dimension by means of a conceptual revolution” – says Julien Fournié in the press release.

In the world where sometimes ground is giving way from beneath our feet, we should still from time to time raise our eyes up there, because the cosmos is much closer than it seems. Thank you, Maestro, for reminding us of its eternal beauty!

Photo credits: Julien Fournie

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