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Jean Paul Gaultier SS2016

Feb 16, 16 Jean Paul Gaultier SS2016

Paris is a moveable feast. And a fashion week in Paris is a part of this vibrant and unique feast. On the streets you meet people of all ages, differing from each over in style, but united by fashion rush and hurrying to the next show. So let’s join them!

With a thrilled and sinking heart I arrived at Jean Paul Gaultier show. The main entrance was already crowded with numerous fans of the designer. Flashes and cheers announced appearance of another “star”. The huge hall got gradually filled under a melody from far and loved 80’s, hinting the theme of the upcoming show. And then the lights went out and the first characters appeared on the catwalk, playfully interacting with each other moving towards the “Palace” sign. A young and attractive man stayed with us and had, obviously, expected someone. One after another girls with bouffant hairdos started darting from the “Palace” doors, lighting cigarettes, dancing on the podium showing vibrant, reckless, challenging and at the same time understandable clothes. I would very much like to wear one of those sets to a pajamas-party! The titles spoke for themselves: «Les enfants terribles» – an asymmetrical jumpsuit-pajama gown; «Taxi girl» – a striped jacket-pajama. Each set was related to the “night life” and there were no more no less than 67. Night life – it is also a feast and Jean-Paul knows very well how to organize it.

A tie can be worn not only on a neck, but also on a waist casually tying up a jacket-coat. It also can be worn with a dress or just thrown over like scarf. And suspenders can be worn with or without a shirt.

I especially liked the model number 64 «Cabaret Voltaire»: a two-colored (chocolate / lilac) satin bustier dress, with the lower part not reaching the floor but coquettishly forming a loop and connecting to the main one.

Each model or set are so unique that they can be considered as exhibition showpieces: jackets (sports and rock type), coats (pajama and vest types), dresses (asymmetrical and bathrobe type), overalls, tuxedos, leggings, shirts, skirts, pants-shorts, corsets and kimonos. Many additional accessories: badges, voluminous earrings and rings, necklaces, clutch bags, gloves and cute hats a la “an elevator boy in a prestigious hotel.”

The atmosphere at the show, sparkling silver and gold of perfect dresses, catchy music, champagne, a riot of fabric colors of, elegance and coquetry – it was a real celebration of life! Paris is a celebration! Paris – is Gaultier!

Photo credits: Jean Paul Gaultier / P. Stable

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