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Stephane Rolland SS2015

Feb 06, 15 Stephane Rolland SS2015

A beautiful feminine silhouette inspires the brave ones on feats and comes to artists and poets as a muse. At the haute couture fashion week every single detail helps this silhouette to conquer the whole world with its beauty.

Stephane Rolland is a famous French designer, who does not make extravagant experiments with the beauty of the female look: he only gives it the necessary freedom or, rather, the feeling of flight. Each collection of the designer delights with its originality, elegance, femininity, with elusive and alluring charm.

Crinoline, jersey, gauze and silk crepe in the hands of Stephane become a “tool” to create impeccable lines, perfect dresses and overalls. Transparent and translucent dresses cannot be classified as provocative or vulgar. They wrap the body with a light haze which only reveals some bare skin. The colors are chosen skillfully and carefully: black, white, terracotta, gold and silver.

The wedding dress is not quite in the spirit of Rolland (if you compare to previous shows): quite a modest top with a transparent skeleton skirt, permeates with the bright sun. The Spring-Summer 2015 collection of Stephane Rolland is designed for luxurious summer, filled with light and lightness.

Photo credits: Stephane Rolland

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