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Loris Azzaro FW2015

Aug 07, 15 Loris Azzaro FW2015

The venue of the Loris Azzaro show was not chosen by chance. Faust night club is well known to me thanks to references of my French friends who still go to clubs. Non-random choice of the location was dictated by the theme of the collection – “Disco”. Disco was a very interesting era: the peak of popularity of Boney M, ABBA, Eagles, Faust and many others trying to imitate them. The advent of disco raised the demand of more colorful, erotic and challenging clothing. And this is when very thin fashion models appeared.

Now about the Loris Azzaro collection. “Zebra” prints on a glittering flowing pink (or orange) lurex. Pleating fabrics, shiny vertical silver insertion, flower prints (peonies, orchids, irises), high boots, flared coats, classic dress of translucent fabrics, high slits: all that resembles the crazy 70s, when most fashionable club was Studio 54 where desperate dandies and fashionistas demonstrated their costumes, drug addictions and sexual pleasures, and all that shined in the beams of spotlights and disco balls.

Photo credits: Loris Azzaro

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