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Jean Paul Gaultier SS2015

Feb 19, 15 Jean Paul Gaultier SS2015

Why should we stick to certain standards? Of course not! Jean Paul declares to the entire fashion world that he will act in his own way, and starts the show with the robe of the bride! And so she comes: radiant, weightless and solemn. Very solemn was also her hairstyle – a pyramid of white lattice rollers (we wouldn’t call them curlers) with a traditional bride and groom statuette on top.

I catch myself thinking that I cannot get used to Gauthier, adapt and accept his “game”, to recognize the distinction between real and fiction, between male and female, black and white. For me it’s a kind of a dispute of matters and associations which carry on from one collection to another. One half of the dress is a strict black sheath while the second half – a white, open and coquettish cocktail dress; luxuriant pleats with modest bottom; satin pants and a skirt-dress.

One of the season’s trends – a veil! Thrown over the hair with a kepi on top and flows down to the V neck of a jacket. And even hands of the models are rather veiled than clad in gloves.

The flower – spring theme in the form of orchids, ferns, poppies and other flowers is also present at Gautier, but not so pronounced.

One of the dresses of this collection instantly sparked the talks all over the world. In a golden smock robe appeared Kim Kardashian. Many would condemn her choice, saying that this is not «comme il faut». In my opinion it’s not so tragic and the dress sits well on her, underlining the figure, and the fact that it is frank and atypical is only a plus. And Naomi Campbell closed the show in a bouquet-dress.

Photo credits: Jean Paul Gaultier / P. Stable

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