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Fendi FW2015

Aug 18, 15 Fendi FW2015

Fendi show in Paris caused a storm of emotions: anger, admiration and indignation. Fauna was presented in all its glory – furs, leather and feathers. Flora in a form of bizarre flowers framed luxurious coats and jackets. Fur is slowly returning in vogue, but would it become the cause of new clashes between defenders of animals and fur lovers? There will always be somebody “pro” and “contra”.

The collection itself is definitely worth attention. Full length and “midi” fur coats with ¾ and arm length sleeves, fur boas and jackets with fur trim. Fur work is amazing, we couldn’t see of course all the details, but the workmanship can noticed immediately with the width and glitter of the material. Mink, sable, chinchilla, arctic fox, ermine, silver fox, broadtail – each fur type requires a special technique – plucking, hair-cutting, vertical, horizontal and chess assembly and many other subtleties.

Leather (of gold, silver, black and white colors) also had a place in the collection in the form of cuffs, pants, miniskirts, handbags and, of course, shoes.

Fashion house Fendi challenged the world – let’s wait for the reaction and meanwhile enjoy craftsmen’s skills and the designer talent of the restless Karl Lagerfeld.

Photo credits: FENDI / Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com