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Stephane Rolland FW2014

Jul 10, 14 Stephane Rolland FW2014

At the Fall-Winter 2014/2015 Haute Couture fashion week Stephane Rolland broke the familiar format of a fashion show and presented a short film «L` echappée». He presented his collection – a work of art – with the help of cinema. Definitely a great work of director Diane Sagnler, which managed to understand and implement the ideas of the designer.

The main character – incredibly beautiful Nieves Alvarez embodied an ingenuous Parisian beauty and charm. She is mysterious and delightful, playful and somehow intimate, smiling with her eyes and constantly slipping away. To catch and capture the true beauty is sometimes impossible to the human eye, but the camera is able to seize a slightest movement and a stance, which is not always possible to do at a regular show.

Masculine Jalil Lespert is trying to catch up and learn the beauty, but she eludes him with a playful smile, leaving behind only a shadow and a lightest trail of perfumes.

Main colors of the collection are black, white and red. Finest golden chains interlace into an intricate pattern across the back, run down the dress and twine the perfect female body. Transparency and a hint of nudity are always on the scene.

Watch yourself this fashion show from a different angle and I’m sure that what we have experienced in the cinema: the excitement, temptation, anticipation, impatience, awe and admiration, you will experience yourself.


Photo and video credits: Stephane Rolland


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