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Jean Paul Gaultier FW2014

Jul 15, 14 Jean Paul Gaultier FW2014

At the haute couture fashion week in Paris Jean Paul Gaultier introduced his cute “vampires.” At dusk they appear dressed in a black dress with a hood, pallor of slim legs flashes in the moonlight, gold chains gleam with luxury, hands are hidden in soft leather gloves, and scarlet lips freeze in a cunning grin.

All members of the vampire clan are dressed in gowns, suits, pantsuits and capes of striking beauty. One of these stole capes is absolutely transparent with just few scarlet bands beneath it covering the girl’s body. The color scheme of the entire collection is quite diverse (scarlet, steel, silver, white and gold) while the base color of the collection is black.

And, of course, the audience awaits the appearance of the guest model. Gauthier loves shocking and took advantage of the recent hype of Conchita Wurst winning at Eurovision song contest. And here she in all her glory comes to the podium. Black pleated wedding dress with bright geometric inserts, scarlet belt, airy hood and free falling pitch black hair locks with interwoven scarlet sequins – drops of blood.

Every Jean Paul Gaultier show is always a shock and delight, dynamics and volatility, talent and madness.

Photo credits: Jean Paul Gaultier / P. Stable

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