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Elie Saab SS2014

Jan 30, 14 Elie Saab SS2014

To create his new summer couture collection Ellie Saab lent the mood and colors from the paintings of Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema – the English painter of Dutch origin, who lived in the XIX century. Alma Tadema, renowned for his antique style, was called a “marble artist”. Gentle colors of the emerging spring: pink, blue, purple, cream; richness of textures and silhouettes, combining graceful monumentality with feminine ease, take us to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, to the ancient Greece. The heroine of Elie Saab is a goddess, descended from the Olympus. Disguised as a vestal virgin, she looks down from the steps of a temple at mere mortals who cannot resist her beauty.

As the show continues the colors thicken. Monochrome-black looks are preceded by three amazing dresses, made in flower degrade.

A pleasant surprise: traditional sequins, laces and appliqué, a must of every Ellie Saab show, alternate with more restrained pleated dresses. Perhaps the red carpets trends unfolding before our eyes are changing, bringing in a brilliant simplicity to sometimes overly saturated images.

Photo credits: Elie Saab

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