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Elie Saab FW2014

Jul 13, 14 Elie Saab FW2014

Opulence of a Parisian palace where the light flowing from crystal chandeliers, reflecting in hundred mirrors, plays with all shades of mysterious night inspired Elie Saab to create his new fall-winter haute couture collection.

If splendor and luxury, accessible only to modern goddesses and princesses, have an apotheosis, then the most successful of Lebanese designers in France reached it, once again surpassing himself in the amount of precious stones, sequins and embroidery per square inch of the finest lace, tulle and flowing silk – fabrics traditionally preferred by Elie Saab. His Majesty the Pearl adorned evening gowns, literally strewn with this maritime jewel in tone with dresses.

Working with the color palette is an unsurpassed skill of Elie Saab. He is perfect in implementation of smooth transitions from ice blue to midnight indigo; from the eau du Nil color to shades of onyx. His pink and white travels from collection to collection in new variations, each time becoming more and more exquisite, animated with every movement.

In an interview the designer said that his fashion house, whose traditions are based on exceptional craftsmanship, highest quality and unique savoir-faire, continues to prosper, and with every new season its clientele steadily expands. What could be a better motivation for further color and other experiments!

Photo credits: Elie Saab

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