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Armani Privé FW2014

Jul 14, 14 Armani Privé FW2014

Giorgio Armani already entered into the history of fashion during his lifetime, turning a boring office lady’s suit into synonymous of elegance and Italian, a little more liberated than French, chic. His new couture collection Armani Privé designer opened exactly with suits, almost everyday casual, with the only difference being that this is an “everyday” of a client of the haute couture line of the house Armani.

The cult of youth, not leaving the pages of fashion magazines and world podiums, dictates its own rules. To comply with the spirit of time, Armani turned office trousers into slightly flared shorts and sheer blouses peppered with big polka dots. Mid-thigh A-silhouette coat and short bustier tulle dress anticipate a smooth transition to more “adult” evening dresses. Behind gathered on top of the head black tulle veils with “varnished” red, black and white circles facial features are mysteriously softened.

A true visionary, maestro Armani uses high fashion as a platform for experiments on the forms and textures. New fabrics and unexpected combination of textile and materials create quaint effects, “tricking” the eye. So, for example, “fur” coats turn at closer examination into a cloud of tulle bows, and high-tech nylon substitutes mohair.

Photo credits: Giorgio Armani / Kim Weston Arnold

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