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Chanel: Camellia Garden

Feb 25, 13 Chanel: Camellia Garden

The new Chanel haute jewelry collection, called “Camellia Garden”, interprets the emblematic flower of the fashion house in a series of amazing products.

This delicate flower, a symbol of chastity and longevity in Asia, won the heart of Mademoiselle Chanel, which, from 1923, made it one of the essential elements of her style: in a form of a brooch adorning the hair, engraved on buttons of a suit, in embroidery or laces – camellia became the signature of the Chanel House.

At this time, the craftsmen of the Chanel jewelry line directed all their creative imagination to create a real garden blooming camellias from pearls and diamonds. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, brooches and rings – all variations of camellia theme reveal to us the fantasy world of the famous brand.

Flowers with reflexed petals, reminding us of the Japanese folding paper figures art, camellias of white and black diamonds in the famous black and white contrast, or black enamel camellia, covered with white and yellow diamonds – just like the Coromandel lacquer panels that decorated the apartments of Mademoiselle Chanel … The collection is a testament to how you can take a new look at a seemingly familiar character.

Precious and semi-precious stones – diamonds, pearls, multicolored sapphires, garnets, tourmalines and opals – sparkle playfully on the airy, almost lacy, collets of yellow and white gold.

Signet ring from the Camélia Crinoline series – white diamonds on white gold – resembles a flower with transparent silk petals. The same can be said of the bracelet from the same set that elegantly decorates the wrist with two “lace” camellias.

Chanel’s black-and-white contrast is expressed in Ruban de Camélia, in which are white diamonds are combined with black spinel and onyx. Camellia petals, forming multi-layered rows, are decorated with black diamonds on the edges.

The necklace from the series, which is called Contraste de Camélia, is formed by two strings of pearls – one large and one small – with a pendant in the form of black-white-gray camellia from white coral, diamonds, gray sapphires and onyx.

Yet another set, based on the black-and-white contrast – Duo de Camélias (“Duet Camellia”) – is an interweaving of spherical forms, which are used in the same spinel, opal and diamonds.

“A little bit of sun in cold water” – one could dub the series Camélia Solaire, where the white gold of collets goes side by side with yellow gold and threads of white diamonds – with their yellow counterparts.

The choice of camellias in the new Chanel jewelry collection amazes: “exotic”, “tasty”, “patchwork”, “water” … “cable trimmed”!

Being the heart of all the collections of the famous fashion house, this rare flower gains new relevance and finds its rightful place in the most beautiful gardens of Paris.

Photo credits: CHANEL

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