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Miss Dior: Anna Martynova

Dec 18, 13 Miss Dior: Anna Martynova

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas and the New Year we decided to make a gift to our readers and interviewed a successful model, a “Hitchcock blonde” and a new favorite of the Dior fashion house – Anna Martynova.





First of all I would like to congratulate you with winning the «Prix de la Mode» award of the French Marie Claire in the best model nomination! Share your impressions, was it a surprise to you?

Thank you so much! For me it was a complete surprise. Indeed I’m really pleased with the attention of the fashion industry to my person that appreciated my work. This is very important and useful, and I hope it will have a positive effect on my career. Also I had a shooting for Marie Claire, dedicated to this award, where I presented all the award winners, for example the person of the year was Giorgio Armani, the accessory brand of the year – Bulgari, the bag of the year – Chloe. It was very interesting.

Later, I was fortunate to visit the Spanish version of the award as a guest and see this event on the other side. It was very unusual to sit at the same table with the designers. I handed the “Designer of the Year” award to a Spanish designer.

Did you dream of being a model?

Never. Of course everybody around were talking about modeling, how it usually happens. As a child I had a friend who really wanted to be a model. And at 10 years she was already making plans for the future. I did not share her views and said: “That’s not for me, I’ll be serious,” – I was a very serious child. However when I was 16, I decided that I could try. I found myself on the Internet an agency in my home city Togliatti (IVANOV Models), and only then I moved to the Moscow agency Grace Models. Well, in six months I already did my first fashion week in Moscow, after which I went to Milan to do an exclusive for Jil Sander.

The Jil Sander show gave a start to your career, do you remember the casting?

Of course, that was my most vivid experience. It was only the second day of castings. I came, passed it and was already in a taxi when I received a call that I need to return urgently to be seen by the designer. The next day I worked already for looks selection, and two days later I was working at the show. At that time I did not know what “exclusive” and “creating looks” are, all that was explained to me. I was delighted and full of anticipation.


You worked with Raf Simons at the time he was at Jil Sander and now you work with him for the fashion house Dior. Can you tell us about him?

Raf Simons is a top professional in his field, completely devoted to his work. He is very nice and always very nervous before his shows.

Tell us what is it like to work with Dior fashion house?

They are very nice and friendly. Probably it is the European culture of behavior, which has already been laid at the foundation. As with any job, working with Dior, you need to be very patient. Waiting is the most negative aspect in the model’s work. I cannot stand to wait, I always feel sorry for the time that is wasted – this is not rational.

You were shot for Dior advertising; can you share with us about your experience?

The shooting lasted for two days. If you use just two words to describe it, that would be surrealism and grace. All models were on the set all the time. To achieve the volume effect we were shot one by one, although we posed together. And I remember well not very comfortable 12 centimeters heels.

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign Christian Dior Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

Who do you dream to work with?

With Riccardo Tisci. And I would really like to get acquainted with Alexander Wang.

What do you feel before stepping on the podium?

Delight. Or anxiety when the shoes are not very comfortable. I feel a responsibility, because I must present the clothes that people would want to buy. For me it is very important, it is my job and I take it very seriously.

I know that many models are superstitious and believe that it is necessarily to step on the podium with the right foot, while some cross themselves before leaving, do you have your own “ritual”?

No. I just always check all the buckles on the shoes.

Do you have a favorite model?

Yes, it is Veruschka (Veruschka von Lehndorff). But as they say: “Do not make yourself an idol,” do not imitate or be like someone. It is all about individually. You need to find yourself – this is the most important thing.

Do you believe in friendship in the modeling world? Does it exist?

Generally, I do not believe in women’s friendship. In the modeling world there is too much competition to have girlfriends. What I appreciate most of all is honesty and I try to be honest with myself in the first place.


What kind of clothes do you prefer? Describe your personal style.

I love to dress up, so that’s probably why I really love my job. My style is minimalism and probably modernist. I love silhouettes and shapes. I like to watch how designers create sketches and silhouettes and then see how they were implemented in the collection. If possible, I try to examine the cloths. At shootings, when I see clothes, I immediately understand what mood must be brought in the image, and it helps a lot. Frankly, I love beauty.

Do you love shopping?

I cannot stand it. Insanely spending money – it’s not for me. I prefer to solve a problem. For example, a designer presented me very special pants and I need something to complement the look, so now I’m off to the shops. I often go with somebody for help or advice.

For the moment you spend most of the time in Paris. Do you like the city? What is your favorite place?

I love Paris. I often walk the banks of the canal Saint Martin. The city itself is beautiful, and I compare it to a music box. Paris is filled with attractions like a “museum box”. It is nothing like London or New York.

Where would you like to settle?

I’m afraid, if I live in Paris, it will lose its charm. When I’ll have a family and children, I would like to live in another, more peaceful town, not in the city. I would like my children to have a happy childhood. Childhood is the most joyful and carefree time.

What do you do apart from modeling?

I like to draw, but still it seems to me that I’m not very good at it. I study French and of course I do sports.

How do you imagine yourself in the future?

As a personality with a strong identity. I’m more concerned with the internal world than outer. I want to know exactly what I want, and keep growing. And I hope to speak French well.

Where will you celebrate this Christmas and New Year?

In Paris, with my mom.


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