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Ulyana Sergeenko SS2013

Jan 24, 13 Ulyana Sergeenko SS2013

No matter how informal that would sound, but the first and the only possible reaction to the new couture collection of Ulyana Sergeenko is expressed by a single burst of general admiration “Ah!”

I do not think finding myself the only one who expected the continuation of the “Russian doll”, cartoon-like theme, because in many interviews designer repeatedly recognized that Russia, with its rich culture, history and traditions, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration of creation. Even more so was the effect of surprise. Spanish Colonial style with a touch of local Mexican ethnicity was the basis of the summer collection looks. Round straw sombreros and sun umbrellas, seductive open shoulders, contrasting with the closed fitted sheath dress below the knee, tiny hats with ribbons, corsets and the milky white color, advantageously emphasizing the skin tanned under the hot summer sun. So who were released on the podium by Ulyana: an arrogant signora of aristocratic paleness or a slave girl, daring scoffer, easily seducing her master, who is unable to resist her high temper and body curves? In a modern woman, the heroine of Sergeenko fashion story, there is place for both.

Not without the traditional wide floor-length skirts, bustier-shorts and aprons – the designer gently reminds us of already formed elements of her own style.

Photo credits: Ulyana Sergeenko


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  1. I loved her collection, Bravo!