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Stephane Rolland SS2013

Jan 28, 13 Stephane Rolland SS2013

At the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week designers show their talent. A talent to create a state-of-art composition of color and textures from a variety of materials. Everybody judge the result and not the countless hours of work. Some people it amazes, it enters others into a state of shock, and for the few it resonates with the soul.

This is a rare and very valuable moment when you forget where you are and why you came here. Amazing music in a live performance, the air is filled with anticipation. And here they come in the glow of the floodlights. Snow-white sculptures made by an artist – you can hardly call them other way. Wool and crepe, be it an overall or a skirt or a cape: all look flawless. Mousseline, organza and gaze may not be the main part of the ensemble, just an insert, but is a “twist” that adds flavor.

White and black tissues are gathered into original flowers and flounces. Bugle beads lie loosely on dresses, sequins glitter: everything is in its place. The thin line between black and white is drawn by a “smoky” symbiosis of light and heavy materials.

Whatever the material chosen by maestro, whatever the critics say of the “similarity” of his collections, the result is amazing and thus important. Oh, yes … of whom do I speak? Of course, of the incomparable Stephane Rolland.

Photo credits: Stephane Rolland

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