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Julien Fournié SS2013

Jan 25, 13 Julien Fournié SS2013

“The first genes” – so named Julien Fournié his new haute couture spring-summer 2013 show. A return to the sources of the creation the designer expressed in one (and probably the best) of his most thoughtful and complete in its meaningfulness collections.

Almost everywhere black and white images still retain the DNA of the fashion house – an anatomical structure of silhouettes with signature slits and zippers, which this time, however, fade into background, giving way to the fragile femininity. Fragility, but not defenseless – outfits of Julien breathe the force of new life, literally materializing in a pregnant model, which appears to the general applause in the middle of the show barefoot in a tight translucent dress.

Pencil skirts are getting narrower, but magically don’t restrain the movements, and white blouses with three-quarter bell sleeves give the ensemble the softness of the XIX century ladies. The black suit of slim trousers with original tulle inserts ending at an ankle and a flowing sleeveless top, for all its “haute coutureness”, does not seem less comfortable than home pajamas. The trouser suit of silver astrakhan with a short jacket will appeal to ambitious rebels. While the lovers of stylistic experiments will be interested by an ensemble of a white vest with a zipper on the back, complemented by a silver floor length fitted skirt.

The evening gowns crowning the show will hardly leave anyone indifferent. One would only need to choose between a deep slit from a hip and a daring transparency, baring every inch of the body and assuming a minimum of underwear. However, with Julien Fournié you should not be afraid of falling into vulgarity – the designer with a medical background and an impeccable sense of style is very well acquainted with much admired by him female body to show it in a bad light.

Photo credits: Julien Fournié / Yannis Vlamos

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