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Jantaminiau SS2013

Feb 06, 13 Jantaminiau SS2013

“Calm image” – an unusual for our turbulent era title was chosen by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau for his new couture collection. The idea of the name originated from the designer’s own nostalgic memories of old books and antique marble statues of his grandmother, seen in the childhood.

Intrigued and fascinated by the uniqueness and spontaneity of the marble pattern, Jan tries to play it on his clothing models and accessories. Paints running on a calm water surface are transferred to the fabric, thus creating drawing of a “calm image.”

One of the main details in the Jantaminiau collection is an impressive bow, with which the designer adorns tops, blouses and jackets. Stand-up collar, completely covering the neck, is also an integral part of the collection. Following the season trend, he uses accentuated shoulder pads, thanks to which the silhouette gets an extra chic.

The predominant colors – pale pink, turquoise, beige, and gray-blue are diluted with bright cornflower and orange tones.

The main accessories of collection are large fabric beads, adding a folk note to the style.

Photo credits: Jantaminiau Couture

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