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Christian Dior PAP SS2014

Nov 13, 13 Christian Dior PAP SS2014

Since Raf Simons has been chosen to lead the legendary fashion house, his every new collection is particularly closely studied by both journalists and the public of the Paris Fashion Week. Continuing the trend of luxury flower decoration of the shows, the spring-summer collection of Raf Simons was presented under the roof of a large flower tent in the garden of the Rodin museum. In this version of the fabulous jungle gathered many fans of the Dior style, featuring dozens of stars of the fashion world.

Judging from the new collection, Raf Simons had accustomed himself at Dior and began more confidently displaying his own style in the interpretation of signature ideas of the brand. For the spring-summer season the designer had literally “disassembled” the legacy of Christian Dior’s almost like a puzzle. In the new models can be both found the classic jacket bar, and the deep, so beloved by Dior, décolleté, opening the shoulders, as well as lots of draperies and, of course, skirts. In bright and unexpected combinations of blue, orange and yellow the classics of Dior looks very Belgian. A mix of metallic, transparent fabrics, stiff silver brocade, organza and taffeta has finally confirmed that Raf Simons decided to stay himself despite the burden of responsibility being creative director of the house like Dior.

With all the riot of colors, there are many straight silhouettes in the collection that create the sense of balance. Simple shirt-dresses with slits on the shoulders, modest blouses combined with completely fabulous bell skirts, same skirts turning into very stylish striped dresses balance the overall brightness of the display. To complete the collection Raf Simons decided with classical, virtually unchanged, bustier dresses with voluminous skirts. Embroidered with flowers, sequins and rhinestones, together with a silver brocade skirts these dresses will definitely be loved by the public and will appear at many celebrity parties and red carpets.

Please note that this article covers a prêt-à-porter collection.

Photo credits: Christian Dior

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