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Chanel Cruise 2013-2014

May 23, 13 Chanel Cruise 2013-2014

Singapore – rather fictional than real, inspired Karl Lagerfeld, according to himself, to create the cruise collection of Chanel, which was presented in this “South Asian Monaco” on May 9.

To get into the spirit of the presented collection, it is not necessary to fly to the distant tropical island. Just travel one century back to the French resort of Deauville on the Normandy coast, where the young and still little known outside of the capital milliner Gabrielle Chanel opened her first “provincial” boutique, dedicated, first and foremost, to so indispensable on sea resort hats. Mini-movie called «Once upon a time», shot by Karl and demonstrated at the launch of the collection perfectly conveys the carefree atmosphere and unobtrusive luxury of that period of the creative life of the legendary Mademoiselle. Because the life of Gabriel, same as of her great successor, is inseparable from creativity.

Thirty-years-old Gabriel is in love with a handsome dandy and English polo player Arthur Edward Capel, the “Boy” – a nickname coined for her lover by Chanel herself. His influence on the designer, directly reflected in her creations of this period, Karl relays into the summer of 2014 by broad jersey trousers with a high waist and masculine tweed jackets. The look is complemented by dozens of pearl strands, flowing in long clusters in the form of necklaces and bracelets wrapped around wrists. “More is less” in this case harmonizes with the general atmosphere, filling with feminity the deliberately boyish image.

Continuing the theme, the “sport chic” is presented in ensembles of unisex trousers, fastened by a wide elastic band at an ankle, which designer masterfully combines with short jackets and classic cream-colored pumps with signature black toes.

Long fitted dresses, ingeniously cut in front and covering the “ugliest, according to Chanel, part of the female body” – the knee, bring the lady-like note to the overall relaxed atmosphere of the resort idleness.

Chic bathrobes, worn over jersey bathing suits (do you really think for a second that a real lady would go to swim in one of them?) remind us of the proximity of the beach; while few short mini-dresses as if for a moment bring us back: drawing inspiration from the past, Karl never forgets about the present.

Behind the apparent ease and simplicity of the cut lie real works of art: hand embroidery, delicate lace and appliques, secret of which is known only to Karl and his craftsmen who have spent hundreds of hours of painstaking work, the result of which is worthy of constant admiration.

Ah yes, the influence of Singapore nevertheless was reflected in the colors of the collection – black and white, giving a geometric structuring to the image. Exactly same black-and-white woven curtains, according to the designer, decorate the local traditional dwellings of the islanders. And it does not matter if they only exist in the imagination of the great Master, because the island only wins from such associations.

Please note that this article is covering a prêt-à-porter collection.

Photo credits: CHANEL

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