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Chanel PAP SS2014

Oct 28, 13 Chanel PAP SS2014

For a chance to get to the shows of certain brands during the Paris fashion week many fashionistas are ready to fight. And the Chanel is definitely on top of this cherished list. Every new defile of this house necessarily becomes a bright show, gathering at the front row the cream of the world fashion community.

On the very next day the Spring-Summer 2014 collection had spread throughout and circled the Internet for a few times already. The show, which took place in the entourage of a specially created gallery or rather a museum of contemporary art, looked more than fresh. Needless to say, with each season Chanel is getting closer to the youth and acquires a certain touch of internationality and freedom, which no doubt helps it to make even better sales outside of France. According to Karl Lagerfeld, imagining the new collection he tried to create a certain image of the girl close to contemporary art, or to rather create an ideal dress for her heroine for attending an opening of an exhibition of a famous contemporary artist. And in that he definitely succeeded.

The timeless classic of Chanel house, with a light hand of Karl Lagerfeld, was transformed to short vest dresses, bright candy color jackets in combination with miniskirts and somewhat extravagant coats with enlarged shoulders. Some coquetry to a frankly youthful collection added dresses with a neckline gently opening one shoulder, referring back somewhere to the 1950s.

But, as commonly accepted, the contemporary art is, above all, about color. And bright colors in the spring-summer collection of Chanel are plentiful. Be it the candy-pink, or purple-crimson and blue in knitted long dresses, or just a combination of multicolored bright laces in free knitted jackets. The overall colorfulness of the collection is balanced with a large number of gray, pearl, white and black – the colors without which it is difficult to imagine Chanel.

The brightest explosion of contemporary art awaited the guests in the second half of the collection when the looks, reminding a canvas painted with the most incredible palette, appeared on the podium. Firm stokes of bright colors stormed on shirts, dresses, tops, skirts and, of course, legendary Chanel bags. The image of a fashionable artist was finally completed with a big bag similar to those we are accustomed to see the students of art and design schools with.

Each look collection would be virtually inconceivable without a lot of large and bright accessories. In the new season Karl Lagerfeld offered the public a new version of pearl jewelry from Chanel: these hoops and bracelets with big pearls will be hard to miss. As well as bulky plastic bracelets of exceptionally vivid colors. Among the spring accessories are, of course, Lego bags and Chanel boy in new color variations. Do not forget about a backpack that nevertheless appeared at Chanel. Its punk look will be to the taste of the new young audience of the brand.

Please note that this article covers a prêt-à-porter collection.

Photo credits: CHANEL

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