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Alexis Mabille FW2013

Sep 02, 13 Alexis Mabille FW2013

As we know, the art has no limits, and the dream of every designer is to be accepted as an artist.

The presentation of the talented designer Alexis Mabille that took place at Hotel d’Evreux at the Place Vendome looked more like an art vernissage, rather than a defile. The hall decorated with beautiful bouquets was filled with a delicate scent of flowers. Alexis was inspired by paintings of the famous Italian master Giovanni Boldini, who was known to be a favorite artist of celebrities of the late XIX-early XX century. And therefore each of the twenty-seven looks of the new collection Alexis Mabille named after some personality of that time.

The sounds of electro-baroque music accompanied the appearance of the models, immediately setting an unusual tone. The colors of the collection organically flowed into the floral background: from white to steel, from pale lilac to violet, not forgetting the scarlet, grass-green and pink. The materials used by the designer: silk, lace and organza – light as flower petals, completed the picture the Garden of Eden.

In the Garden of Eden, as expected, walked the birds of paradise, into which Alexis Mabille turned his mannequins: hair of each of them was decorated with a headdress made of tulle and feathers, in the “black swan” spirit. The sleeves from ostrich down of one of the silhouettes the designer simply transformed into wings of a miracle bird.

The signature element of the House, bows, Alexis Mabille had skillfully integrated into multiple looks, attaching them to belts or shoulder straps of the dresses, and – to the maximum extent – on one of the last models.

One of the most remarkable models of this show was a lavender silk dress with a cape, studded with white flowers, which can rightly be called a work of art.

Photo credits: Alexis Mabille / Salledepresse

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