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Stephane Rolland SS2012

Jan 31, 12 Stephane Rolland SS2012

I noticed that I always start articles about Stephane Rolland with words of admiration or talk about beauty. And all this is true about every collection of the designer. So during the Spring-Summer 2012 presentation I was already difficult to surprise with floor-length dresses of muslin and silk, sparkling details in rays of spotlights, whether it be a wide golden belt or inserts or even a corset. And of course the gloves, similar to those we saw last season but somewhat modified to include a new “trendy” feature. They cover fingers, then pass at the back of the hand and gradually transform into a kind of leather bracelet. Conventional and ostrich feathers trains, piquant décolleté, open backs are a must. Broad ankle-length trousers and jackets are also familiar.

Not surprised, but pleased the palette: rich and bold red, icy white, perfect black, chartreuse, and the way the colours are “played” with, especially white and black: like a chess board that was shook and the black and white squares came back in a chaotic manner.

What surprised me was monumentality. It is not by chance Stephane Rolland selects Cité de l‘Architecture et du patrimoine: Galerie des Moulages as the venue for his show and a thrilling classical music. Putting together all these ingredients – the designer’s talent, impeccable fabric selection, accessories, the venue and the music – and you can use the word “monumental” that clearly describes what I was fortunate to see on that winter day.

Photo credits: Anna Marion | Haute couture News | Russian Couture News


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