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Maurizio Galante SS2012

Jan 24, 12 Maurizio Galante SS2012

The designer’s personal vision should be especially noted for the Spring-Summer 2012 collection of Maurizio Galante. Very often he returns to the sources and roots – and this time he turns to nature. Creating Haute Couture collections is not an easy task. This is the work of an artist, a poet maybe, and of course a designer.

Maurizio takes a simple and beautiful female silhouette in a green bathing suit; he adorns the head with a veil of flowers and throws over an airy, voluminous organza cape over the shoulders. Silk wraps and rises. The palette is maximally close to natural colours: deep green, lime, raspberry, woody, sweet pink – the color of peony blossoms, white and black.

This may appear fairly simple, but if you look closely, you see an enormous work. Black intricate mesh may be gathered to form a cape and in an instant to open up and become a kind of a cloak. The dress of cloth rectangles smoothly seconds the model movements; a jacket built from small squares is straightforward but adds playfulness and sexuality.

Photo credits: Maurizio Galante

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