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Julien Fournié SS2012

Jan 27, 12 Julien Fournié SS2012

Julien Fournié belongs to a constellation of young and talented – the new generation of French (haute) couture. He has his own style, in which the couturier’s talent is interwoven with the past experience of Julien when following the parents’ advice the young man had studied to become a doctor for six years. From this medical past in Fournié signature can be easily guessed zippers, “surgical” slits and “anatomical” silhouette lines. From the radiant Julien’s personality come bright sunny colours à la Christian de Lacroix, the transparency and modernity, the desire to make a woman desirable, fragile but strong.

The designer, like no other of his colleagues, keeps up with the time, and even a little ahead of it. Creating a collection, he uses the latest FashionLab software from Dassault Systems, better known for aerospace and automotive solutions. Virtual Design and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) technologies used in the production of aircrafts and cars, allow the designer to draw sketches of dresses on the computer or tablet (iPad) screen in three dimensions. Rotate to any angle, edit, add decorative elements, choose from a digital library and test new fabrics and materials, calculate costs and, before starting any expensive “real” silhouette modeling, exchange ideas, sharing and presenting the virtual three-dimensional model on-line anywhere in the world. Moreover, the new technology can be used to follow and support the production process all the way to the shelves in the store.

The new collection, in creation of which Julien was greatly assisted by FashionLab technologies, is called “The First Ecstasy”. It is impregnated with youth and summer. There is a lot of naked tanned skin: the micro-shorts on a zipper and a micro skirt with a top, which leaves an abdomen open, a mini-dress «trois trous» with transparent side inserts, sheer blouses with 3/4 bell-sleeves and bustiers with asymmetrical goffered ruffles.

Floor-length fitted dresses with an open back and the sheer ones with deep slits in front or on a side close the show, leaving the audience in joyful ecstasy.

Photo credits: Julien Fournie; Anna Marion

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