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Jean Paul Gaultier FW2012

Aug 30, 12 Jean Paul Gaultier FW2012

Every Jean Paul Gaultier show “flips” my universe. And the same happened at the fall-winter 2012-2013 presentation. I just could not believe my eyes that such magnificence could a person create. No, he’s a genius! Every detail of the ensemble can tell a story about itself and complement the overall picture.

For example a mesh on the head. It seems there is nothing special in it, but such meshes were already worn in the Middle Ages and were adorned with jewels and gold threads, and the twenties they were used to support the hairstyle. In Gautier it does the same job, but how such a simple detail can complement and beautify!

The famous cylinder hats. Well, how could a noble person go out without his silk hat? No way. And even today it is possible to put on a beautiful high cylinder and be the center of attention.

Black is the main color of the collection. Simple, charming, mysterious and speaks for itself. As a “black square” of Malevich. However beige, red, peach and blue, orange, purple, green, blue, yellow and white added their own flavor. And a bright lipstick of course.

Corsets, tippets, luxurious fur collars – you would always recognize Gautier by them. He’s not just a genius, he is a wizard of haute couture! Jean Paul as no-one can select fabrics and combine light and heavy materials.

I feel like calling him a “Mad Hatter” and his “madness” is an art and magic, reality and a fairy tale, the past, present and future.

Photo credits: P.Stable / Jean Paul Gaultier

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