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Stéphane Rolland FW2011

Jul 18, 11 Stéphane Rolland FW2011

Can beauty speak? Or does real beauty need to be silent? I can say that I become speechless every time I go into the grand hall, where the Stephane Rolland’s show is held. His dresses are resemblant, but only in their beauty. Dresses of jersey, gazar and velvet. And voluminous constructs, creating something never seen before. A coat of heavy black yarn was somewhat cumbersome, however it wasn’t something that caught my attention but black gloves. They were not even gloves, but rather only fingers “dressed” in beautiful leather.

Metal buckles, plastrons, tubes and scales add a certain rigor to the dresses. Stephane expertly wraps the models in stunning fabrics: they literally float on the podium in this splendor.

You can afford to become a queen or a princess at least. And do it! Let the legs flash in the slits of wide trousers; or would it be no trousers but a navy blue dress, where one part transforms in the pants and the other stays as a dress. Or that “inc blob” on the yellow dress will make you even more charming. And if you plan to win the royal heart, you can wear a wedding dress, but that’s not a light task. Knitted, woven, ruffled crisp white dress must weigh quite a few pounds, but that does not matter. You are a goddess in it!

Photo credits: Stephane Rolland

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