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Smalto SS2012 Men Couture / PAP

Jun 29, 11 Smalto SS2012 Men Couture / PAP

Men’s prêt-à-porter was not enough for a restless Youn Chong Bak and, thanks to her energy and talent, Smalto fashion house became the only men’s clothing brand accepted to the temple of fashion – the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture.

It was twelve exclusive “couture” ensembles that opened the presentation of Smalto summer collection, held during the week of men’s prêt-à-porter in Paris. Youn Chong Bak placed a bet on the elements of exotic leather, handmade in accordance with strict rules of the Syndicate. Tuxedo-kimono from a lambskin, trimmed with an ostrich leather band; a light trench coat made ​​from the finest, velvety goatskin with crocodile inserts; blouson with unobtrusive stripes of ostrich leather, emphasizing the shoulder line. Exotic leathers found their place even on a classic tuxedo: on the lapel and pocket flaps. Luxury, as the basis of High Fashion, is in the details. It does not show off but merely suggests.

The core part of the prêt-à-porter collection is inspired by the spirit of the seventies. As a logical continuation of “haute couture”, it is minimalist and accurate – keeping up with the spirit of Smalto. A real perfectionist, Youn Chong Bak continues to master her skills in materials and their combinations. Silk, cotton, linen and various types of leather: classic, smooth and exotic, embossed – which adds a peculiar texture to allure. Having become a signature of the brand, small stand-up collar and short cuffs, along with iridescent satin, creating the effect of trompe-l’œil, look even more harmoniously than the last season. Natural “rich” palette is brought to perfection: from light blue, merging into sea-green, to prune, wine and shades of chocolate.

Staying true to classical foundations laid by Francesco Smalto half a century ago, Youn Chong Bak brings modernity and her own unique style to the Fashion House, whose name has been always synonymous with success and personality.

Please note that this article is covering a men prêt-à-porter collection with several couture looks.

Photo credits: Catwalking.com / SMALTO