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Maxime Simoëns FW2011

Jul 16, 11 Maxime Simoëns FW2011

As a theme for his winter Haute Couture collections young favourite of overseas it-girls Maxime Simoens picked the first black and white horror movie about vampire Nosferatu. The character is intended to personify the transition from the neo-Gothic aesthetics to the following it expressionism or, if you will, to the geometry of Art Déco pure lines era (which influence on the collection is also brought to the attention of the audience), replacing outdated Art Nouveau curves.

In practice, all these stylistic extravagances were implemented in black-white-red colour palette, respectively symbolizing the creation of Murnau (the famous director of Nosferatu) and blood (the food of Nosferatu). Here it is worth to mention the prints of lunar colour in the form of fangs and gothic initials of the designer embroidered on dresses and jackets. Graphical prints in the collection reflect the influence of Art Déco. And finally, some draperies (the folds around the hips on skirts and dresses, sarouel pants) thanks to the Parisian couture designer Madame Grès.

Summarizing, we can say that in the collection prevail geometry silhouettes, clean lines and smoothness of textures – the basic components of already shaped Simoens style. However one may question: where is haute couture here?

Photo credits: Maxime Simoens / Newscastwire



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