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Julien Fournié SS2011

Jan 25, 11 Julien Fournié SS2011

Fashionistas around the world can breathe a sigh of relief: the crisis is over and the crasy wind of change is blowing in the trendsetter capital. It is almost spring in Paris and on the catwalks of some haute couture collections the summer reigns already, as usual a season ahead of time of mere mortals. The best illustration of this is a bright, full of optimism collection of Julien Fournié, which the young designer with big ambitions, second only to his talent, showed in the magnificent hall of city hall of the 6th arrondissement.

The designer did not cheat, saying that the new collection will be “lighter” than the previous one. This time, creating his dresses, Monsieur Fournié apparently was inspired by New-York late 70s and early 80s, dancing to the “Saturday Night Fever” disco.

Fluoescent dictates the colour scheme: from the shades of fuchsia, orange and light green to purple, burgundy and gold. Weightless organza – one of the favourite materials of the designer, in combination with feminine demi-corsets – variations of the shirt body favourably emphasize feminine curve of the waist. Structural hips and flowing ribbons of the dresses, baring the legs in front, demand dispensable 15-centimeter heel-pin. Open back, fluffy flounces and a fiery cloud of feathers, igniting the silhouette with fiery colours, create an atmosphere of party and expectation of a miracle.

Julien Fournié brand signature is easily recognizable on zippers which he used along with functional elements in ornament decoration of many models.

Camel beige classic of straight midi-skirts and shirts gives way to festive femininity of Julien Fournié, very promising in its diversity of colors, fabrics and silhouettes. Freshness, spring and love are in vogue!

Photo credits: PIXEL FORMULA / Julien Fournié

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