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Julien Fournié FW2011

Jul 15, 11 Julien Fournié FW2011

In winter Haute Couture collection Julien Fournier continued his fashionable expansion in Paris. Daring, impregnated with the spirit of the London’s underground (the show was held at the nightclub under the Alexander III Bridge, two steps from the Grand Palais and the Champs Elysees), the collection confirms the designer in the rank of the new “bad boy” of the catwalks, whose opinion should be respected.

Impeccable, rather complex cut becomes the hallmark of Julien Fournier. His elements – oblique lines, giant zippers that resemble the incisions on a skin (we will recall that Julien possesses an excellent knowledge of the human body thanks to his first medical education) and the play of translucency show defenseless vulnerability; dense draped fabrics, designed to protect and at the same time, according to the laws of the genre, balance the image. Multi-layering: a combination of straight skin-tight trousers and a wide organza skirt with a slit in front and a train; or a narrow tulle skirt, embroidered in gold, on top of satin trousers with a short fitted jacket.

Certain images like a body with accentuated shoulders and wide sheer trousers, double-breasted tuxedos, top-bustier in combination with a broad trouser suit seem to be inspired by the Jean Paul Gauthier style, interpreted in their own manner. Certain looks (like the jacket with slits, through which pleated tulle strips make their way like rays) are simply impossible to resist to. As it is impossible to resist to the charm of the founder of the Fashion House, for whom the fashion, by his own admission, is a mean of conveying his ideas to the modern society.

Photo credits: Julien Fournié

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