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Givenchy SS2011

Feb 24, 11 Givenchy SS2011

The East is a delicate matter. And Givenchy successfully demonstrated that at the Haute Couture show in Paris. Their models remind us of beautiful geishas of thin and sensitive nature, dressed in garments featuring cranes: the traditional symbol of prosperity and longevity in Japan. Riccardo Tisci did not fold cranes out of paper, like they do in Japan, but embodied their majestic image in fabric. They seem to be alive, gently embracing slim maiden waist. Multi-layered organza and clear cut create three-dimensional image.

This collection is based on contrast: headwear clearly resembles a Samurai helmet. Dresses – so sheer, with touching cranes – Kimono Geisha. According to legend, the cranes gather together to protect their King, and in this case probably that was the purpose to gather them on the Queen’s dress. And this is also why such massive headdress was required. Colours are soft and clean (white, ivory, pale yellow, crimson, light green and purple). The dominating colour of the dress is, of course, white – as a symbol of purity and innocence.

Captured by my fascination, I flew far away from the salon at the place Vendome and literally started to smell cherry blossoms. But sadly enough the return to reality is inevitable, and I hold a sheet of paper in my hands, from which I wanted to make a little white crane.

Photo credits: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

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